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2020 has indeed been a whirlwind. While the challenges of the pandemic have been stressful for us all, I have personally chosen to focus daily on self-care and the joys, highs, and beauty of life. Thrust into working full-time in my corporate role from home, I went from having daily meetings in-person with my teams to sitting idly in my home office, eyes glued to the computer monitor.

Like so many others, I am also a wife and the mother of a high schooler who has been navigating the challenges of virtual learning. While at home together, it has been painful to watch our extremely active and outgoing son experience certain hurdles. Because I couldn’t make COVID-19 go away or remove the daily stressors from his life, I found myself feeling depressed and defeated.

How could I find beauty in the new hand that I was dealt and make such an ugly situation pretty? I yearned for a positive outlet, in which to express myself.

As I poured love into each meal that I prepared for my family, cooking would become my therapy and rejuvenation. I was also able to find comfort in decorating our home, and creating a platform for others like me to express themselves, get more satisfaction, and heal.

Make It Pretty Today, LLC (MIP) was founded in April 2020 and has three branches: 1) Make it Pretty Mobile Nails & Concierge (launched in January 2021, servicing Houston and surrounding areas); 2) Make It Pretty Cooking (launched in October 2020, taking clients and holding regular monthly courses in January 2021); and 3) Make It Pretty Home Decor (to be launched in the fall of 2021).

I’m extremely excited about these new ventures, and hope that each of you will find some inspiration in a branch of the MIP brand that helps you find YOUR pretty, as well!  Whichever you choose, just ensure that the goal is to find the beauty in all of the ugly curveballs that life throws your way. You have the power to create and define your reality.

Make It Pretty, today!

Crystal Carter



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